2022 Symposium

5th Annual Functional Medicine Symposium


Virtual and going LIVE on July 15, 2022


Register: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/5th-annual-fxmed-symposium


Tickets: $150 donation to the non-profit Priority Health Academy


Yusuf M Saleeby, MD

POTS, LDN 101, Small Particle Toxicity, Illness-Anxiety-Disorder, Biomarker Update, Ethics in Medicine.

Pierre Kory, MD

Update on COVID 19 early Treatment and Vaccines.

Puya Yazdi, PhD

SelfDecode- Epigenetics

Kent Holtorf, MD


Peter McCullough, MD

Update on COVID-19 and Vaccines

Peter Koshland, PharmD

Cognitive agents.

Puya Yazdi, PhD

SelfDecode- Epigenetics

Eric Gordon, MD


Michael Schrantz

Environmental Assessment Inspections

Maryann Louchs

Topics in Health coaching (Certified Healthcoach).

Michele Carrabotta

(Certified Health coach) - Coaching Holistic Health Through A Global Pandemic

Peter Rambo, AGNP

Vitamin D testing and prescribing

Elliot Dinetz, MD

Nutrigenomics and it’s influence on weight and disease prevention.

Marvin Portner, MD

Topics in holistic Allergy & Immunology

Richard Horowitz, MD

Topics in Tick Borne Illness (latest book promotion)

Hamid Bakhteyar, PharmD

Topics in compounding pharmacy

Kate Godly, PA

Topics in FxMed (TBA)

Scott McMahon, MD

CIRS and binders and best management

Jessica Lee, MD

Holistic approach to Vertigo and Tinnitus

Jason Bussell, PhD, MPH, L.Ac

The Diet, Lifestyle & Attitudes talk

Additional Speakers TBD

Providers from the Whole Systems Healthcare NGO

5th Annual Functional Medicine Symposium