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The Priority Health Academy is an organization that was established to serve a need in healthcare.  Current mainstream medicine is suffering from many shortcomings.  Clinician burnout, understaffing, crowded waiting rooms, delays in specialized care, and suboptimal care.  The answer came when Dr. Saleeby realized that need back in the late 1990s.  In 2013 with the founding of Carolina Holistic Medicine and the current model of modified and reformed functional medicine, the basic model took shape.  In 2018 the Priority Health Academy was born with the first of several annual symposiums.  Since 2020 they have been archived on the Internet.  Now there is a playbook for replicating this model in all fifty states.


For those seeking to exit the conundrum that is our current healthcare system for one that has better work-life balance, more professional satisfaction and ultimately sustainability and profitable, we have you covered.  We provide practice building services from top to bottom.  We also provide educational services for becoming proficient in functional and holistic medicine.  We provide personalized and customized licensing agreements so you can move forward.


Our mission statement is to Restructure Healthcare Delivery in a Parallel Healthcare System


Our core values are:  Integrity, Truth, Transparency, Respect and Dependability.


PHA 2023

Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby, MD

6th Annual Functional Medicine Symposium
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