Interested in becoming a Functional Medicine practitioner?


We have the know-how to get you established in a sustainable and comfortable practice.
Two-Decades in the making to develop a Functional Medicine (FxMed) Model, establishing a support system and educational platform for you.

Want to become the go-to integrative functional medicine practitioner in your community?


We can teach you innovative approaches that have been used successfully to provide prevention and manage chronic illness. Our system is sustainable and profitable with little startup costs.


You can practice the way you want with medical freedoms and an escalating income.


Have the work-life balance that prevents burnout and is the healthiest way of life.


Due to the high post-Pandemic demand, Dr. Saleeby will be mentoring & collaborating with a select group of practitioners in his Reformed Functional Medicine (rFxMed) model and protocols. This should not be viewed as a functional medicine course, but rather as a how-to under a licensing agreement. Experience firsthand why patients come from all over the country to experience our paradigm in medicine. You can achieve the same in your community.


Experience seeing previously frustrated patients return to a life of health and happiness. It will be one of the most rewarding times in your medical career. It has been for Dr. Saleeby and his team.

What you get with our licensing agreement:

  • Learn an entirely new approach and paradigm in medicine that has been proven to work efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Bring a set of reformed-Functional Medicine (rFxMed) proven protocols to your hometown and become the practitioner of choice in your community.
  • Have collaborative access to Dr. Saleeby and his TEAM for a practical approach to functional and holistic medicine with credible protocols.
  • Create a fulfilling practice by truly helping your patients get back their health and their lives. Grow professionally and personally. Achieve a good work-life balance for yourself. Avoid burnout and boredom.
  • Implement a cash-based practice model (DPC) that is clinically effective and financially rewarding, with proven operations and marketing support.
  • Benefit from complimentary enrollment in the Priority Health Academy and continue to increase your fund of knowledge and clinical acumen.
  • We offer assistance with our call-center, shared platforms and collaborative strategies to enhance profitability and reduce overhead.
6th Annual Functional Medicine Symposium
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